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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Indiana and Obama

2008 will be remembered historically for many reasons. It is the first year that we would have either had our first African American president, or our first female vice president as well as the first time Indiana has voted for a democrat president since 1964. I believe this is not so much as Indiana has gone blue, but more so because of McCains belief that he already owned Indiana. The visiting statistics were so far in Obama’s favor, that I think it ridiculous that McCain didn’t show up more often. When you know you have a state locked up, at least give it the respect to show up once in awhile. Had the differential in visits not been so great, I feel McCain would have had a better showing, especially in Indianapolis, which he lost by 100K votes. I think this just shows that times are changing. We now have our first African American descent president (I say descent, because he is half African and half Caucasian) and the first election which contained an African American and a female. Personally, I believe that it is a great thing to show some mixture in the candidates. Rather than just having white males, we now have African Americans and females gracing the political candidacy, representing a great change in America. Obama ran a cleaner campaign, is the better speaker and worked to bring forth many more voters with his grass roots campaign. I only hope that he follows through on his promises and leads America in to a direction of dominance not seen in a few years.

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